Products and Services


CCP Manufactures Concrete Pipe

Cascade offers the largest range of pipe in the entire NW; from 8" to 144". Whatever your project requirement, Cascade has the pipe you can depend on.


CCP Manufactures Manholes

Cascade manufactures a full line of manhole products; grade rings, flat top lids, cones, risers, pre-channeled and standard bases in all sizes from 48" to 144"

Storm Retention Systems

CCP Manufactures Storm Retention Systems

CCP supplies a number of storm retention systems or can create the custom components to accommodate systems made by other precasters.

Catch Basins

CCP Manufactures Cath Basins

CCP produces a full line of catch bases and inlets for all your drainage projects. Contact Cascade for more information and price list.

Custom Structures and Components

CCP Manufactures Custom Structures and Components

Need a custom structure for your project? Cascade Concrete Products specializes in custom, high quality structures built to your specifications.


CCP Offers Concrete Pipe Accessories

Cascade inventories and can deliver a wide range of accessories to supplement an existing order. Inventory includes pipe gaskets, manhole gaskets, cast iron components, inlet grates, etc.

Design Services

CCP Offers Design Services

If you have a need for CAD generated details for your project or systems, give us a call. CCP has the experience and dedicated staff to fill your requirements. Give us a call and see how we can help.

Testing Services

CCP Offers Testing Services

CCP has in-house capability to perform D-Load, Hydrostatic and Vacuum tests to ensure your compliance to project specifications. Cascade can also accommodate custom testing requirements.

Customer Service

CCP Offers Complete Customer Service

Cascade has a strong commitment to our customer’s success and profitability. After producing quality concrete products it all comes down to service and CCP understands this.